Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's the Point?

What do this "punk" and the women's ordination movement have in common? They should be ignored.

If the post-Vatican II crowd clamoring for women's ordination and other acts of heresy is really growing thin, either due to the attrition that comes with age or because people have seen the light, why devote so much time talking about them?  There are bigger threats to sanctity than women who want to dress up and play priest.

For instance, check out this thread at The Tenth Crusade.  The movement that Carol writes about is, imho, far more dangerous than a bunch of old women at a church fantasy convention.  I think such people are to be pitied and prayed for, but I also think they're best ignored.  It's like when the punk movement was in full bloom and young people would walk down the street with their pink mohawks and safety-pinned cheeks.  They wanted nothing more than for people to look at them, so of course, I never did, just as I have no desire to read about, talk about or poke fun of women who have put their own self-worth above the Body of Christ, His Church.

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