Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Around the Philadelphia Parishes and More

First,  a prayer of thanksgiving for the good news that seminarian Phillip Gerard Johnson continues to post on his blog.  Please pay him a visit and assure him of your prayers.  I pray that it is God's Will to bring to fruition the promise that began when this young man entered the seminary.  I continue to ask Charles Untz for his intercession in this matter.  I will have more to say about this at a later date.

Second, Matthew and Rebecca and I just returned from St. Rita's, where a meeting to firm up the volunteers for The Treasures of the Church Exposition on May 12 was held.  As I think I wrote previously, Treasures of the Church is a collection of 161 relics of the saints and a ministry of Father Carlos Martins of Texas.  St. Rita's will kick off Father Martins' tour of the greater Philadelphia area by hosting an evening with the saints on Thursday, May 12th.  A talk will be given by Father Martins in the upper church at 7pm.  At 8pm, we will journey to the lower shrine to venerate the relics, which will be displayed over 19 tables.  Father Martins will be bringing the relics to other parishes and shrines in the area and I will post that list here as soon as the rest of the details are finalized.

St. Rita's is located at Broad and Ellsworth Street in South Philadelphia.  Free parking is available in the lot immediately adjacent to the shrine on Ellsworth Street and elevator service is available between the lower shrine and the upper church.  Email me if you want more details.

This coming Sunday, St. Paul's at 10th and Christian Streets will commence Forty Hours Devotion following the Traditional Latin Mass at 12 Noon.  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place until Evening Prayer and Benediction at 7pm.  The closing night is Tuesday April 5th.  If enough people commit to keeping Our Lord company at times such as these, perhaps our priests will be encouraged to consider making Adoration a regularly scheduled devotion, rather than a once a year happening.  Email me if you want more details.

Have a blessed night.


  1. How do you know about Charles Untz? He is from this area. I wear the scapular he designed. Small world!

  2. What do you think is the most
    theologically and socially
    conservative parish in Philly?

    Atleast those that are within
    walking distance of Center City?

    I think OSJ is pretty conservative,
    but I wonder if there is another
    parish with a more reverent Novus
    Ordo Mass?.



  3. Terry, I got goosebumps reading your post! This young man's cause must continue.

    Pete, I haven't been to a Sunday Mass at OSJ in some years. I know that the Novus Ordo that Father Carey celebrates at St. Paul's is very reverent. St. Paul's is definitely within walking distance of Phila. I like Fr. McGoldrick at St. Monica's in South Philly as well. Maybe some other South Philly/Center City folks can chime in with their take.

  4. Thanks...I have met Fr.Carey after
    the TLM and he was very warm to me
    as a baptized Candidate.

    I bet his Novus Ordo mass is orthodox
    to a "T".


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