Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Good News, Thanks to St. Therese

I had to attend a training session at another hospital in our health system today, and on the way back, I stopped by my parents' house for lunch.  No one makes a sandwich quite like my mom, so not only was the meal a treat, but it was a good way to look in on my dad.  He's been having some symptoms lately to indicate that he may be accumulating fluid on his brain again, the result of a terrible accident he had about five years ago.  He seemed fine to me, except for some tremors in his hands which really aren't that much out of the ordinary for him.

Another unexpected treat was good news on the health of two cousins.  One does not have prostate cancer, as suspected by his PSA numbers.  The result of his biopsy came back negative.  Thank you, St. Therese, for your glorious intercession.

The other cousin for whom I was praying does not have MS.  Trigeminal neuralgia, which the doctor believes will resolve on its own.  She has already experienced an improvement in her symptoms.  Thank you again, St. Therese, for your glorious intercession.

The first cousin I mentioned is not religious.  We were practically raised together and he lamented to my mother that he rarely hears from me any more.  My mother made sure to tell him that while I may not be so hot with the telephone, I am very faithful about offering novenas and other devotions on behalf of those who need them.  it's gotten to the point where there are so many people in need of prayers, that I hardly ever listen to the radio in the car anymore.  I don't feel I should be listening to music at a time when I could be praying for someone.  I don't have the opportunity to go to Adoration as I did before changing jobs, so I have to grab my chances when I can, even it means on the commute home from work.  It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing.

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