Saturday, March 12, 2011

More on Praying the Rosary

A fellow blogger was at the retreat with me today, and since I know she will want to spend some time discussing what we learned, I will limit my post for now to just this.  Father gave 4 wonderful talks and I could probably spend the next year blogging about them and still not cover everything.   I would just like to talk about the Rosary.  Father spoke about how many times people tell him they find it too difficult to pray the Rosary.  "Welcome to the human race" he said.  Praying the Rosary as we should is one of the most difficult things we can do, he explained.   I will add that I think people find all kinds of excuses about why they don't pray the Rosary, but no good reasons.

The counsel I found most helpful, inspired by the writings of St. Louis de Montfort and Pope John Paul II,  was that with every mystery, we should go to Mary, or Mother Mary, as Father calls her.  We should pray the mysteries as if we are asking her, "Mother Mary, what was it like to have the Angel Gabriel appear to you? Were you afraid? Why?  What did you see?"

The Rosary is the prayer Our Holy Mother gave to us.  She told St. Dominic that through the Rosary, she would save the world.   If you have been watching the news and still feel you don't have to pray the Rosary, I wonder if we're seeing the same thing.

Children, heed your Mother's counsel.
Pray the Rosary every day.

The world can't afford for  you not to anymore.


  1. Thanks for the reminder...I have a tough time some days...many complete the Rosary and I KNOW how important it is but acedia takes over.

  2. I guess there are many ways to say the Rosary.With each mystery I try to imagine that I am there,an onlooker or witness if you like.Not easy I know,and somtimes the mind begins to wander and has to be reigned in!I like the idea of asking Our Lady her feelings,have not heard of this before.

  3. My goodness, don't worry one instant about saying anything you please about that glorious day! We will bring our different perspectives anyway, even if we talk about the same things. :)
    I may not get my post up till tomorrow, as I am tired from--1. the dumb time change. and 2. sitting all day yesterday (?????) idk
    But we went to 8:30 mass in order to hear Fr. McG., (which really was 7:30). so...yawn.
    AND last night I decided to take up doing something for this weeks prolife mass that I may regret, due to the time involved in preparing.


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