Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Sins of the World

I don't who to credit this to, but I saw it on Caroline's blog, and I loved it.  It reminded me a bit of how St. Teresa of Avila underwent her conversion.  She had been somewhat lukewarm about her commitment to Christ when one day, at prayer, she was moved at the sight of Him on the cross.  "I saw him poor and naked, and I, too, wanted to be poor and naked."  I find this image so moving because Christ is completely alone.  It reminds me that He alone took on the sin of the world, and He alone can save me.  It reminds me that my sins put Him on the cross.  It reminds me that He would have made that sacrifice had I been the only person in the world.

BTW, The Bell of the Wanderer has become one of my favorite blogs and if you haven't visited yet, please do.  I thank God that He moved Caroline to write about her reflections.

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