Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Words to Describe

One thing that really shocks me about this situation in Japan is that I can't believe it's happening there instead of here.   I should know better than to try to second-guess God.  As I watched reporter David Muir of ABC news sign off from an airport in Japan, I saw the despair and sadness in his face.  I would imagine he felt considerable guilt about being able to get out, knowing the Pandora's Box he was leaving behind and the suffering Japanese people who have no refuge.

According to news reports, some brave workers at the power plant have remained behind in a last-ditch, almost suicidal effort to reverse the hell being unleashed by the crippled reactors.  I would suppose that if you choose to do that kind of work, you stay with the ship, whether it can be salvaged or not.

Thinking out loud, I can't help but wonder if nuclear energy and weaponry are some of the worst examples of man taking technology too far.  I have no idea if this catastrophe is the chastisement spoken of by Our Lady of Akita.  I see the photos of the waves of the tsunami, sweeping  the symbols of Japan's economy away like children's sand toys washing ashore with the tide.  In the end, the damage caused by the earthquake may pale in comparison to a nuclear disaster the likes of which the world has not seen.  Only God knows.

The air quality in Tokyo contains 20 times the normal amount of radiation, an ominous sign perhaps.  Meanwhile, here is a link that explains the messages of Our Lady of Akita.

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