Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Somber News Today

I'd like to ignore this story, but I can't.  The names of the 21 priests taken out of active duty were released today.  I know two of the priests, though not on a personal level.  I will not allow this to discourage me or lead me to believe I have the right to disparage anyone or assume anything based on so little information.  I pray that these men are innocent of what they have been accused  and I pray even more for those priests who must carry on, especially those who are friends of these men.  

Lent is an uphill climb for many of us and priests are no exception.  

The mocking voice of The Enemy tries to ring in my ears, but he cannot change the truth, which is that Christ won victory for all of us, even the lowliest.  Even if the darkest days are still ahead, He remains unchanged and undefiled.  He will not abandon us, though many is the time we have abandoned Him.

Because of this news, today felt more like Good Friday to me than Ash Wednesday. 

Today's Vespers reading from Philippians especially struck me:

"Work with anxious concern to achieve your salvation. ... In everything you do, act without grumbling or arguing; prove yourselves innocent and straightforward, children of God, beyond approach".


  1. This scandal does not make me question
    at all the Catholic Church militant.

    I pray for reception of Confirmation
    and 1st Communion knowing that Christ is

    I agree that we should blame sin and the
    subtle games of the unholy powers.

  2. What timing .. Isn't it just like the enemy? I will keep Philadelphia in my prayers. If the darkest days are still ahead, we will all need to encourage each other to remember he is a defeated foe.

  3. The Church will always be persecuted as Jesus even said. But our Faith is in Christ Jesus, not in humans. I pray for all those priests and especially for those good holy priests who are also being persecuted for other's sins.

  4. I read a comment elsewhere saying that some of the charges against several of the priests are minor boundary issues, and not all of the dismissed priests are guilty - only accused. Hence the 'mass' dismissal has pretty much condemned all of them in one fell sweep. I haven't been following this all that closely however.

  5. Terry
    I worry that some of the priests caught in this sweep are being scapegoated for the actions of those who truly were guilty and allowed to carry on as usual. Some of the charges sound pretty flimsy based on what little information has come to light.


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