Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Evening

We had a pleasant dinner with my parents tonight at their house.  It was more pleasant than usual and whether or not this had anything to do with the fact the my sister decided to eat at home is a matter of opinion.  Although yesterday was St. Joseph's feast day, we waited until today to enjoy the zeppoli.  Here is a picture of one before it got devoured.

My father has been spending some time every day building his own bird feeders.  There is one easily seen from their dining room window and we could see a cardinal enjoying some birdseed as we ate our pasta.  Yesterday, I looked out before we sat down to dinner at our house to see a cardinal sitting on St. Francis' head.  I knew he would fly away if I went and grabbed my camera, so I have to keep the photo in my mind.

We had a guest priest at Mass both at the Vigil Mass yesterday evening and at the TLM today.  After seeing how this priest celebrated Mass yesterday, I wondered how Father was going to work him into the TLM.  Let's just say that at the Vigil Mass, he donned a baseball cap at the end of his homily to drive home a point.  The congregation at the Saturday evening Mass is as different from the TLM crowd as day is from night, and they appreciated Father's props and sense of humor.  I felt a bit of panic when I saw the priest come out before the TLM started with the baseball cap in his hand. I have to say that I was in no hurry to hear this priest's homily again and the thought of having to hear it two days in a row was enough to make me want to skip the TLM for an early Novus Ordo Mass, but then I decided that if the rest of the congregation had to bear with it, so could I.  And we all survived.    Aside from what could have been a very good homily, the rest of the Mass was celebrated with the usual reverence and beauty.  The MC today was a 16-year-old boy who has a calling to the priesthood.  I don't picture this young man ever donning a baseball cap for the homily.
I wanted to sneak a peak at our pastor's face as he sat on the sedilla during the homily, biretta in place, but I know he never lets on by his expression what he is thinking.

Tomorrow begins another work week.  I can only thank God that I can still start my day in His Presence.  It's what gets me through.  I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. I have wondered what a zeppoli looked like. I'll have to try one if they make them here.

  2. That zeppoli looks great!

    And I cringe to think of the baseball cap.

  3. Looks great. You just reminded me i have a couple more left over in the refrig. I will have to make myself a cup of tea and have one. :)


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