Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The First Amendment vs. The Fifth Commandment

Words kill.  They can kill a person's spirit.  They can kill a reputation.  They can kill a parent's right to bury their child in peace.  Today, all of the Catholics on the United States Supreme Court save one (Justice Alito) and their colleagues decided that the First Amendment takes precedence over the Fifth Commandment, giving the vile Westboro Baptist Church license to continue to launch their incoherent attacks on grieving families of dead US service men and women.  

It is very hard not to hate people who think they know who is and isn't going to Hell

It is very hard not to hate these people.

Very, very hard.

Do they not know what they do? 

How dare them do it in His name!

God forgive me, but I can't help but think these people are minions of the Father of Lies.  

How do people get so steeped in hatred?  



  1. I really don't know. I REALLY don't know what the supreme court is doing.

  2. We are living in crazy Tim Burton movie in our country. Nothing makes sense. (apologies to Tim Burton fans) I am almost afraid to turn on the news, much less ask the question, what's next?

  3. Oh I felt the same way. Kudos to Sam Alito for being the dissenting voice. I guess intellectually I understand the decision, but i don't agree. A funeral is a private affair and they have the right to not be intruded upon.

  4. If these people have right to exercise their first amendment right then they better be ready to accept the consequences of their heartless actions when someone decides to kick their butts. You are much more kind than I am. I'd be cheering on the kickers, perhaps providing some refreshments and cold compresses. Even if you don't respect the individual, you respect the event. Calling themselves Christians? Perhaps in name only. I'll have to work on my anger issues over this. (I somehow lost the first comment so I hope this is not duplicated, but if it is, then double my disgust over this!)


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