Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog-Free Fridays

Just a reminder that if you leave a comment after I have signed off, I won't see it until Saturday.

I had an early-morning meeting today and couldn't make it to my regular Mass, but when the meeting ended unexpectedly soon, I headed out to the little church down the road from the hospital.  I have never seen a more beautiful depiction of the Crucifixion as was behind the altar and if I get there again some time, I'll have to take some photos of it.  The stained glass windows were some of the most gorgeous I've ever seen, which was surprising.  Suburban churches are rarely known for such beauty.  The priest was also very reverent and I loved the way he was faithful to the words of the liturgy and prayed them instead of merely repeating them.  God's blessings on him and his little flock!

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