Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Think YOU Can't Get to Daily Mass During Lent?

Think again, at least if you're in close proximity to where I am.  First, St. Monica's at 17th and Ritner will begin the Annual Novena of Grace starting tomorrow.  Novena prayers will be offered after the 8:30am and 7pm Mass, with the Novena ending on Friday, March 18th.

Throughout Lent, St. Nick's at 9th and Watkins Streets will offer evening Mass at 7pm from Monday thru Thursday.  Friday at 7pm St. Nick's has Stations of the Cross.  St. Nick's also offers two other daily Masses, at 8am and again at Noon.

Where there's a will, there's often a way!


  1. The only evening mass near me is only on Monday and Friday. It sounds like you have a robust schedule of masses.

  2. I hear you. I have several options for early morning Masses, but almost none for evenings, except, thankfully, during Lent. Better something than nothing at all.

  3. I am going to give it my best effort! If I don't get to the 6:30--often my day gets away from me and I no longer have any control over my time. The getting up and ready still is tough, I am not 100% well..BUT that said. Best efforts :)

  4. So blessed to be near those beautiful Churches in the city : )

  5. ...for Center City workers there is
    the noon Mass at St.John the Evangelist
    at 13th and Market as well.

    I enjoy the noon Mass at St.Augustine's
    at 4th and Race...and most days I go
    to Old St.Joseph's which always has
    40 or 50 people for the noon Mass.

    Today it was packed!

  6. You know Pete, every year when I see the churches packed for Ash Wednesday ( I try to go to Mass twice on this day, though I will only receive Holy Communion once) I pray that a scintilla of those who show up for ashes will show up on Sundays and if they already do, that they will show up on weekdays. We have such a treasure in daily Mass and I'm afraid we won't know what we've got until it's gone. In my own parish, less than 2o years ago, there were 4 daily Masses. Today there is 1. Very sad.

  7. I just hope for millions of non-Christians
    to be baptized in the trinitarian formula
    and make an attempt to follow the Gospel.

    ...and the perhaps move onto sacramental
    life in the Church.

    I wish everyone who is not Catholic could
    see what I see, even as a lowly candidate
    for Confirmation.


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