Sunday, March 13, 2011

More on Silence

I've taken my lumps here and elsewhere for maintaining that it is disrespectful to Jesus in the Eucharist and for those still trying to communicate after having received Him in Holy Communion for people to talk out loud in church after Mass.  Someone sent me a link to Catholic Forum where this discussion took place.  Here is the advice one person offered.

"Someone told me that their solution to this is to meditate on Jesus carrying His cross to Calvary with the centurions and the persecutors jeering and shouting at Him, making all kinds of noise, and how Jesus was able to keep his mind focused on His Heavenly Father, and how he was able to fulfill His will, even with all the distractions and insults.

Ever since I heard that, it has been easier to block out the dull roar that is predominant in our Churches today."

I don't know that I would compare chatty Catholics to those calling for Christ's crucifixion, but I will  give this a try the next time I attend the Vigil Mass.  


  1. Oh Joyce, I know we disagreed on speaking after mass, but I hope you don't think I gave you any lumps. Peace to you my friend. There was never any animosity on my part. :)

  2. Manny, you are a very gentle soul and a very fine person. I think that you have a heart of gold. I appreciate that we were able to disagree without making outrageous accusations or assumptions. Please don't think otherwise!

    I will keep little Matthew in my prayers for his upcoming surgery.

  3. Oh thank you. Yes his surgery is Friday. Bless you Joyce. :)

  4. Surgery!! goodness, prayers on the way!

  5. I have been of a mind to look at the noise in the way that was recommended; however, I am beginning to think, more and more, that as memeber of Christ's Church, it is our responsibility to bring this issue to our pastor. Bisop Wuerl wrote an article recently about the responsibility that laity have and cited Chistififelis Laici, J P II's exhortation on the vocation and mission of the lay faithful. He make the point that we as the laity want priest to fix everything ( my summation of his article) and that we have to "speak up". I think I have been neglectful. We are the members of its Body and must care for it....
    Please, Lord, don't get me started on the Mass I attended at Blessed Sacrament in Chevy Chase MD on Sunday. Teddy Kennedy and Joan Chittister were quoted for spiritual guidance. The world has gone mad. I say a LOT of rosaries...

  6. Oh poor Maria! I don't know what I would do if I had to listen to that. I do think the laity have to take ownership of this problem, but a little sermon here and there wouldn't hurt either. Walking home from the novena this evening, the church bell started to ring, but the noise of the world drowned it out. We just don't know how to be quiet anymore and too many have become conditioned to noise. If we're not quiet and we don't listen, we might never hear what God is saying to us.

  7. Forgive all my typos! I so agree, Joyce. At times, when I am discouraged, I am afraid of losing my faith. I pray always for the Lord to protect the gift of my faith. We have to be beacons of light for to a world so mired in sin it doesn't even recognize sin anymore. Call sin by its name and you'll find yourself accused of being uncharitable. That is OK. We know who is our stronghold...


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